About our Security

Full Spectrum Protective Security (FSPS) in Pittsburgh can provide the professional security services that you need. With over 130 years of experience in the security world we have the capabilities to provide Cross Functional Teams (CFT), to consult, mentor, help to build teams, and much more. Security is what we were made to do, so let us consult and provide security for your company or family. FSPS recognizes the need for many different types of threats that require security and high-level services through our strategic partners.

Prevention, Protection, Detection, and Response

FSPS is passionate about the value of proactive security intelligence, not only in the mitigation of exposure, but the cause and effect impact that applied research in this area can have—especially artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The traditional security model is Protection, Detection, and Response. FSPS adds to this lifecycle by including Prevention as the first step in our security process. The industry now has the technical solutions to prevent malicious events, but there are few providers that have the experienced consultants who understand this technology. We have globally recognized research leaders who make the most of these new technologies, including AI and MI. In addition, we offer global 24/7 protection for both company and personal home networks.

FSPS has the ability to employ those who have the military and law enforcement experience needed to identify and deter the seemingly endless list of potential threats. We are able to provide security services to a wide range of customers from the corporation to the individual.

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