When something tragic happens anywhere in the United States we are happy it did not happen where we live, and we are sad for the people that were harmed.  With all that happens in the world today especially in our country it is just a matter of time when it hits home. The question is you as an individual, company, school, church or organizations is are you ready and prepared to handle what is about to happen?

There are many studies into active shooters from why would someone want to do this to how come there was not better protection put in place? As humans we hear about these dangers every day but when it comes right down to it, it did not happen to us, so we will continue on with what we have in place with regards to security.  Something to think about, when it comes to drills.

Before regular fire drills were instituted, a fire that had a major impact broke out at the private Catholic school Our Lady of the Angels in 1958, in Chicago, Illinois, US. Children on the second floor were trapped there, with neither teachers nor pupils knowing how to get out of the building safely. Many children jumped out of windows, and many were killed as they could not make their way to an exit.   Although the school had passed a fire inspection two months before, and had the number of fire exits and fire extinguishers required at the time, it lacked smoke detectors or adequate fire alarms, and was overcrowded.

The need for fire drills was recognized; monthly fire drills were put in place after the Our Lady of the Angels fire. It was found in a later study that education on fire also helped to prevent it: people started to learn more about what started fires, and what to do in the case of one starting. They were also aware of the hazards that allow a fire to start. Within a year of the fire, many of the hazardous conditions found in Our Lady of the Angels had been eliminated in thousands of schools around the United States.

When questioning Active Shooter drills maybe we need to look at the history of fire drills and see how many people have died in school fires since they instituted mandatory fire drills since 1958. Education and training is important to the protection of innocent lives which includes women and children.