Full Spectrum Protective Security (FSPS) in Pittsburgh can provide the professional security services that you need. With our vast experience in Law Enforcement and the Military we have done more than just locate and apprehend criminals/terrorists. Developing and gathering meaningful intelligence that results in creating a plan detailed to our client’s needs. It takes more than just strong physical individuals it also requires specialized skill sets. We work to build Cross Functional Teams (CFT) that will be able to support our customers to their specific needs.

We train for the worst possible scenarios so that we can better protect our clients. Our goals are too Prevent, Protect, Detect and Respond. At FSPS we try to understand the threats that each client may encounter given their pattern of life (POL), their company, office space, transportation and much more. It is important that everyone in your company understand the threats and the fact that they all must play a role in addressing those threats. Failure to do so only increases their chances of being victimized.

Investigative Services

  • For business that need assistance with potential mergers or acquisitions:
    • Reducing risks
    • Mitigating embarrassing situations
    • No Surprises
  • Domestic Disputes
    • Child custody
    • Physical and Mental abuse
    • Spousal Cheating
  • Workman’s Compensation
    • Improper or illegal activity
  • Insurance Fraud
    • Improper or Illegal activity
  • Vehicle Accidents

Background Checks

  • Background
    • Criminal
    • Driver’s License
    • Work
    • Personal

VIP Security

  • Executive
  • Dignitaries
  • Celebrities
  • Special Events

Security Guards

  • Office Buildings
  • Events
  • Shopping Centers
  • Stadiums


Our consulting is like no other. We can provide a service from beginning to end. Assist with building a company’s network or a home network to writing a company’s security operations manual and procedures.


Sometimes to get the information that is needed or protect the ones you love we need to follow individuals to get the desired outcome with video or pictures to prove our customers suspicion or innocents.

Active Shooter

Our experience in security has allowed us to educate and train people in how to mitigate a would-be active shooter in schools, buildings, companies and large event arenas from injuring or killing innocent victims.


Most of these days without a written security protocol within companies or corporations it makes them vulnerable to major lawsuit. At FSPS we can provide these written procedures and or update existing ones.