Full Spectrum Protective Security is comprised of professionals from various aspects of the security field. These professionals include two retired police Chiefs with over 80 years of experience, a retired Navy SEAL with 25 years of experience, and a cyber security professional with over 30 years of experience. With over 130 years of combined experience, our professionals can effectively communicate with organizations, companies and individuals a clear understanding of the potential threats that exist today. We make clear recommendations regarding various security measures that will enhance their ability to protect themselves from danger.

Mission Statement

To guide individuals and organizations in assessing and mitigating the range of personal, property and cyber risks to minimize the impact of such potential risks on them personally and organizationally.

Our Approach

Full Spectrum Protective Security (FSPS) has developed risk evaluation and mitigation processes that are modeled on what elite global military, law enforcement professionals and cyber security units’ practice. We have used the skill sets our team have learned over decades of global deployments, when they were tasked with the protection of critical infrastructures and high value individuals. Our objective is to provide our clients with the knowledge and skills to manage their cyber, physical and personal security in the best way possible.

FSPS knows that there are fundamentally only two types of attacks against your personal safety that is physical security and cyber assets: those that are unpreventable and those that a user generally can discover and prevent. The aim of FSPS is to help you mitigate the damage from any unpreventable attacks and to prevent discoverable security risks from ever happening.

FSPS is comprised of three complementary and mutually reinforcing services that provide comprehensive best-in-its-class security management for a “full spectrum” of our clients personal safety, physical security and cyber assets risk profiles: The FSPS Divisions include Full Spectrum Executive Transport Services; Full Spectrum Personal Security Services and Full Spectrum Cyber Security Services.

We will work side by side with your team to assist them in identifying potential security risks. Our unique blueprint permits FSPS to provide our customers a full complement of security options and create new or edit existing policies and processes to enhance their security.